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The Key To The Iran

The reactions in the Iran on the day before the UN Human Rights Council shows that it makes sense to move the human rights focus of the policy. September 15, 2010 will remain probably Mohammad-Javad Larijani in the memory. He had his land before the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva to represent the task. The UN Human Rights Council in Geneva has handled the situation in Iran on this day in the cycle of reviews. Western States and a number of oppositional non-government organizations (NGOs) sought to introduce numerous violations and improvement recommendations.

Iran in turn dispatched a high-level delegation, which praised very self-conscious own progress since the Islamic revolution of 1979. A number of friendly countries such as Venezuela, Cuba and Pakistan is focused on raising the standards of living in Iran, expanding health care and advancing literacy. The head of the Iranian delegation parried the accusations against his country, to have massively violates human rights with common denial and turned with a broad chest behind the ideology and its executive organs. In this respect, he will look back on this part of its work probably not without satisfaction. He took but a clear message in the Iran, that he needed and profession was allowed to ride before a panel of senior regime officials in the Iran. The Embassy will be probably some buoyancy the Rafsanjani camp.

A sharp wind had blown towards Geneva Larijani, the reputation of the Islamic Republic of Iran has lost heavily in last year’s reputation. The official in Europe, the country considered very advanced democracy compared to its neighbors in the region. The Group of the “Armaggedonisten” what is the same with the Group of the so-called “Armaggedonisten” in the Iran because it is little rational point of view, are the relations with the rest of the world. The “Armaggedonisten” are a group of about 2000 clergy, who are inspired by Ayatollah Mohammed Yazdi and Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi to implement a messianic ideology into action. You stand behind Ahmadinejad, penetrate the new generation of Pasdaranfuhrer and sit at other important levers of power. The day is the pragmatic and rational-minded representatives of the regime, to make new arguments in hand, influence on the Supreme Leader Ali Chameneii brothers and Rafsanjani, as the three Chairman in Geneva to be turned around, before the “Armaggedonisten” create even more chaos in the Iran and the world. What will the West? In the West, the political class, that the reform forces within the system prevail, because the situation seems better controlled builds. Prefer a little of the population listed by Government on which we exert our influence, says some, as new and unknown sizes that we cannot estimate. This assessment leads to little support for civil society in the Iran, which is supported by broad strata of the population. The people finally want a system in which self-determination is possible; a system that separates religion and State leadership, is democratically structured. The last cries of the roads of the country clearly demonstrate this trend. The magic word is referendum. Ann Davies will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Mainly young people between 16 and 45 finally wish you a new system in which they creatively can engage. What could bring them support from the West? Helmut N. fork

Smoking Ban Declared Seniors In Nursing Homes

Protect non-smoking! That was the main goal of the politicians, who have campaigned for the implementation of the protection of non-smokers in Germany. With almost two years smoking ban is been not missed the goal certainly. The other sequences that bring the smoking ban to should, not all have been taken into account however. While the majority of Germans thus takes off in buses, on platforms or in public buildings to smoke no longer and discuss revenues from restaurant operators, for example, the old people living in nursing homes not asks whether they can reconcile with the new situation. Because the statutory smoking ban applies to nursing stations.

Approx. 650,000 senior citizens live in Germany’s old people’s and nursing homes, about 200,000 more in special elderly apartments. According to the Federal Health Ministry, 23% of 60 up 65, 16.8% of 65-70 years and 13.4% of the more than 70 years smoke. Old people, the is either an apartment or a private room in a Senior home can afford or are already reliant must completely renounce their cigarettes. Thus, many smokers not only in their years of habits are curtailed, but sacrificing even another piece of self determination. Smoking ban makes elderly lonely at social events, many places are often empty colorful afternoons, the evening games or convivial gatherings since the introduction of the smoking ban.

The smokers remain dear in their own four walls. Because: people may smoke in their apartments and rooms finally privacy may not be attacked. Thus, the smoking ban pushes many old people in isolation. Residents who again took part in life, pull back again. Because nobody has thought, when the goal was set to protect non-smokers in Germany by smoking bans. Contact person: GRT Wuttke GmbH of Cappenberg str. 51 44534 Lunen Lothar Wuttke, phone: 02306 / 76540

Idiot Test Children Earmarked For The MPU Test

Authorities set up the licence as leverage against children / adolescent youths In common parlance the term “Idiot Test” has become called the procedure “medico psychological study”, short MPU officially correct. More than 100,000 people have to undergo every year this test every second receives a positive opinion. A MPU is due, if the account in the Flensburg central registry with 18 points is full, was driving under influence of alcohol / drugs, crimes were known or who health restrictions. The medical psychological assessment can be – arranged at any time by the authorities if “justified doubts as to the ability to drive”. Children or young adolescents, who have fallen under the influence of alcohol, which people have harassed, which have become violent, or which are noticed because of bullying are a new target group for the provision of a suitable advice. Here, a teenager is first cautioned.

At one another incident approval is dependent on driving licences by the provision of a positive opinion. Not infrequently a MPU must muster subject many thousand euros to obtain a positive opinion. Many German authorities give to understand the measures against children or young people not as a punishment can be understood but that is clearly the prevention in the foreground. Then however, as a teenager from a vulnerable family can pay ongoing very expensive drugs or alcohol abstinence phase a long or as he the often requested MPU communication talks of thousand EUR to muster several hundred euro can as even more depending on the question for the review body that stands in the stars. Read additional details here: BP Energy. Responsible & author: Mr. Heidemann

Toys Communities

Safe playgrounds in recent years had to tell in public always back Sullenly, that after the one or the other playground had been open to the public, was degraded by municipal and city councils. Toys were only occasionally serviced and eventually completely dismantled, because the damages that were no longer to resolve. To know more about this subject visit Gavin Baker. They replaced were never and so can be found on many playgrounds only meadows with a few benches and a sand pit. – And nothing that children really make sense and permanently can deal. However, it is gratifying that the playgrounds are preserved the little ones at least in kindergarten.

Even though she was also somewhat slimmed down. Now the mindset regarding playgrounds has changed for this but elsewhere. It jobs again for kids, where they afternoon her time to spend and play with other kids and also traders have increasingly concluded, that a Playground, which is publicly accessible to the children, also on a commercial land would be a sensible purchase. House communities, associations, private nurseries, restaurants, hotels and even shopping centers build there, where communities have dismantled and thats a really pleasing rescission by the one only can hope that it brings communities and municipalities to think. Worried about the safety on a playground, while publicly, but not through the towns and municipality is represented, are unfounded. Because the game devices on these playgrounds of as the DIN must comply with basically EN 1176 security standard, like all other, non-private playgrounds also.


Chance to improve through qualification. An increase of self-employed persons with an immigrant background is also in times of financial crisis. the number of this according to the Federal Statistical Office has 582.000 company in 2005. In 2006, total 471.300 companies were newly founded of which 35% on persons with a migration background are due. Michael Wirth might disagree with that approach. Overall, the Turkish company alone generated a turnover of 30 billion 2004. For the respective communities are not only the economic aspects of interest, but the companies also have an important role in the integration work. They develop an integration function, because they serve as a meeting place and information exchange. Also the contractor for a successful business with local firms must link up. Details can be found by clicking Eliot Horowitz or emailing the administrator.

The importance of Migrantenokonomie will increase significantly in the next few years and start-ups should be facilitated, to further promote the integration of migrants. Integrative benefits of Migrantenokonomie around your town for start-ups to attract the imap Institute performs site analysis and consultations for your municipality and the respective companies to the integrative benefits of sub-contracting. The imap Institute helps enterprises join the economic actors and supports them in the selection of appropriate partners. Because the chances of less qualified and integrated migrants on the German labour market are low, helps the imap Institute for the training and qualification of the work and help in the search for funding. IMAP Institute Wiesdorfer 3rd 51373 Leverkusen Tel.: + 49(0) 214-870-923-0 fax: +49(0) 214-870 923 20

The Decision

Help may be granted for the relatively short time of arranging back in any necessary form of mother. As far as this money required would have made the adoptive parents should be sure like this cost, it would be free for the society so even all, who rather chose the merciless killings. As mental performance, it would be necessary that you not wanting to, generally can accept the decision of a mother, her child and objectionable classifies this not wanting in the smallest way. It said that a mother would mental strain this giveaway. Why load a happy, just somewhere else growing child? And: must be killed to prevent a corresponding grief because necessarily? Don’t you think that just this killing could trigger a much worse sorrow? If a man mentally cannot keep out the progress of his lover, then he may not kill Yes also them. The argument was largely correct that an unwanted child possibly without love in a bad life would go, but there would be yes the solution an easy giveaway. Murder a very peculiar service, as you do, to protect a child from a sad life remains regardless.

You may not know whether there was not yet the force to get happy in this child, there are also countless unhappy adults and teenagers who were once completely wanted. “You shall not kill” the argument of benevolent murder belongs in the lying sack of the morally taped justifications in their production, this failed humanity has become a true master. In this case is the argument that as a result it Yes would be better to put a kid in this kinderfeindliche world. But instead of reducing the actual hostility to children this bad condition is made then the hostility to children even become an argument for the absolute peak, probably must be identified in the killing of children.

The Reform Of Seizure Protection In Germany

Sometimes unsuccessful the great Wurf…oder what it was not! Now, it’s been so almost three and a half months that the reform to the seizure protection was introduced. Do we assess look small. Clearly, not everyone interested, why, why should you concentrate on other people’s problems. There is no reason to me go all right. NA,…

we forget that time and speak plainly. Since the 01.07.2010 there also for kronisch indebted or who even want to be there, a so-called protection program, the P account or also pledging protection account. So, what you want to tell us? This is for people who are in debt, so to have more people than we think are in the debt and have a seizure of account in Vista or already exist. Again emphasises, for people who are in debt and have no money! NO MONEY! Now, it seems now that the banks require at least most, already a sometimes too small fee for the use of the account, but it gets better. Because the overhead involved in a seizure quite larger, does it cost “slightly” more just, if you umnwandeln his account in a P account. Something??? H. eich said something? No, of course not.

I meant a lot more! There are banks, which take up to 25 Euro per month per account. Ask yourself now, 25 euro? Oh no… No, no bullshit! Why was this created actually set? It is still so, that the people who are bankrupt or have already an account garnishment underway, now more exploited, than others. How a person can afford that? He has two choices. Either he just accept it, that will be the case most often because confidence already flutes is gone or it is him the account is terminated. Basta. And then? Who then gives the customer a new account, what is with the commitment of banks from 1995? This is a purely voluntary basis and no obligation. After all account termination, no new account and it threatens the complete inability to pay. What is that for a law, times again, to clarify is not capable of what really matters? Someone did actually ever thought about it?? No people interested in it so to speak. And once again you must asking and begging to get just an account regardless whether conscious or subconsciously in debt. Maybe Uncle Sam should worry there again. Or if you have problems and no solution found, then just go to and get information, help, runaway or afraid to audition at the Bank.

Smart Recovery Card

Do you touched where ought not by mistake? Quiet, maybe you’re still in time to recover your precious photos. More than one we have ever erase inadvertently photo that wasn’t, or directly formatting the card in the camera’s memory completely. They are things of the rush, the destination and the laws of Murphy, but if this happens, keeps calm that the problem may have solution.When a picture is deleted from the memory, in reality it does not delete it is physically but that one byte is changed at the start of the name to indicate that the space it occupies, can be used again. Therefore, to have greater chances of recovering our photos in good condition, there to take new photographs until you recover the deleted by accident. (Photos recuperator) program which will perform all the work of recovery is called PC Inspector SmartRecovery, it is free and compatible with Windows. First we must select the drive corresponding to the digital camera’s memory. We then select the file format to recover, these vary depending on the brand of the camera, the most common are JPG in the case of pictures and AVI or MOV for videos. If we are not sure of the formats used in our camera, we can always consult the manual or the information available on line.Finally we must select a destination folder to save the information to retrieve (or if it is the case to recover damaged photos) and wait for the process to finish.

Or if you can’t understand very well the previous process, here we so explain step by step:-1.Yes is something really important and you want to have the slightest hope of recovering it, you keep not doing photos or keep anything else on the card. You run the risk of overwriting the information making it unrecoverable (or restoring damaged photos). -2.Conecta the memory card to the computer via a card reader. -3.Descarga and install the freeware PC Inspector Smart Recovery – 4.ejecutalo and select the drive corresponding to the memory card. -5.Selecciona a directory on your computer where you store the recovered files. -Start 6.Pulsa and prays while recoil photos program does its magic (this last point is particularly important). -7. The process can be quite slow depending on the size of the memory card that we are scanning but the result is worth the trouble, isn’t it? As an alternative to Smart Recovery also recommend PhotoRec, another free application which, in addition to Windows, also has versions for Linux and Mac OS x.

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