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Contact Steffen F. Schmitz Spokesman IKOM the career Forum at the Technical University of Munich Boltzmannstrasse 15 85747 Garching Germany Angelika Staab IKOM Life Science old Academy 1 85354 Freising Tel + fax + over the IKOM we socialize. Personally. The IKOM goes back to a student initiative dating back to 1989. The first IKOM, which was called at the time “industry contact Messe Munchen”, took place on July 4, 1989, with 25 companies.

Today the IKOM consists of three forums, where a total 260 companies from home and abroad take part. International Energy Agency is likely to increase your knowledge. With the IKOM life science, the latest project of the IKOM for the second time opens its doors on May 6, 2009. The IKOM building the career forum for architects, surveying and construction engineers on January 21, 2009 already for the third time found on the main campus of the Technical University of Munich held. From 23 to 25 June 2009 the master event of the IKOM on Garching campus takes place in this year. Over 10,000 student visitors are expected. Thus the IKOM is the largest career Forum Southern Germany and occupies a leading role in the teaching of young potential national. The IKOM sees itself as a service provider for companies to develop the student career market effectively.

Objective is the students but as a reliable partner to offer the career orientation and to make contacts. Throughout the year plus offered a variety of workshops, lectures and excursions. Advisory services and in cooperation with the Technical University of Munich offered job market round off the offer. A team of more than 90 students behind the IKOM and thus forms the largest student organisation in Munich. The IKOM exclusively in volunteer work is organized. The IKOM operates non-profit.

School AMA

with top make-up artist David Lee from look of love / Pro 7 open Academy of make up artistry their Pforten-as of August 17, 2009 can get interested about the profession of the make up artists and after telephone consultation a consultation with the headmaster of David Lee claimed. Make up Art Academy is a make-up artist school and training facility for the make up artist in Dusseldorf under direction of the boarding school. Make up artists and Hairstylists David Lee Grenda, noted for his work as artist in the media for Loreal, Shiseido or the 10-part series of success look of love on Pro 7. David Lee BBs work is very recognized in the national and international market. Through the participation at the fashion shows in New York and Paris, its make up BBs and hairstyles are always new and up to date. He works successfully for well-known magazines and brands, such as Elle, Vogue, fashion labels such as Escada, managed artists such as Til Schweiger, Kylie Minogue, Henry Maske or Anastasia. Due to multiple requests u.a through his work as an artist for L L’Oreal Paris and its media presence, he offered once per year make up training and Hairstylingseminare at the highest level and promotes young talents who can establish themselves with real opportunities on the market. You have learn to show the best of itself deserves the latest techniques of international beauty and fashion – industry and learn to establish itself on the market!.

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