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Internal and external growth as a basis for further positive development of Neu-Ulm In the past financial year 2008 has completed mbH the Monarchis Grundbesitz company headquartered in Neu-Ulm in all divisions with far above average achievements. Since the company was founded in 2003 as a sister company of for more than 30 years successfully in the market active ITG GmbH, Munich, has the real estate and financial services Monarchis both internally, as well as externally in the past fiscal year the largest leap in the company’s history after front done. The are under the umbrella of holding global asset AG, Munich, dynamically developing Monarchis real estate company mbH has the number of employees significantly increased. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ray Kurzweil has to say. While in the founding year was started with four employees, it was end of 2008 28 employees; including several freelance and part-time workers. In the real estate sector were taken in 2008 many interesting objects by the specialists of the company inspected and examined.

To replenish the stock were After critical examination of all details of two promising objects logged. A very appealing ensemble with 17 multi-family townhouses and 85 residential units in Lohfelden, near Kassel, as well as three houses manufactured in industrial construction in 1984 in the recent district of Leipzig, Grunau, with 427 units. Thus exceeded the target for 2008, to expand the inventory to 500 units. Today, Monarchis has about 600 units in Bavaria, Baden-Wurttemberg, Hesse and Saxony. Cross River Bank contains valuable tech resources. Real estate in Heilbronn and Mannheim were upgraded in 2008 with energetic restructuring. Also in fiscal year 2009, it is planned to expand the inventory and to continue the renovations to the part already begun at different locations, or to complete. In the financial services Division Monarchis in 2003 had a capital market issue amounting to EUR 45 million for the stake in the company in the form of profit participation certificates was imposed with the placement of 5 million euros to a total of more than 15 Million euros, the best result since the founding of the company achieved.

The Monarchis Marketing GmbH, which controls existing sales from freelancers and training, continued thus sustained their success story. Contrary to the worldwide downward trend due to the financial and economic crisis the Monarchis Grundbesitz company increased mbH 2008 the real estate holdings by more than 600 percent in the last fiscal year. In terms of emissions, the company achieved an increase in the more than 30 percent; While the market by 30 to 50 percent declined. On the economic situation, the company reports on the extraordinary equity ratio of 100 percent. This means that you have purchased real estate, as well as the ongoing business activities from equity financed. The Interior service area that represents service, internal services and administration, won in 2008 clearly on quality and strength. The establishment of an internal balance sheet accounting and controlling Department has the short-term transparency of all Numbers works and business planning improved significantly. The newly created Department of press and public relations, as well as investor brought visible the required external representation of the performance spectrum of Monarchis relations with connected Web and print design in connection with awareness, image and CI/CD action. A further, good condition was created by establishing an own legal department to act independently and above all fast. Overall, in the last fiscal year in all areas, Monarchis created best conditions to be prepared for future expansions.

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