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Powerline Network Adapter

Figure 9 explains in details a typical configuration of the implanted PLC. Figure 9: Typical configuration? PLC Source: 2.5.Padronizao PLC in Brazil mentioned in agreement Brazil already previously possesss a regulation on PLC. In 25/08/2009, it was published in Federal official gazette, the rules for the use of the electric net for the transmission of data, voice and image and access to the Internet in high speed by means of the technology Power Line Communications (ANEEL, 2009). The Normative Resolution n 375/2009 that it establishes the conditions of sharing of the infrastructure of the deliverers goes to allow significant advances to the country, with important stimulaton to digital inclusion, therefore 95% of the Brazilian population have access to the electricity by means of 63 concessionaires and 24 cooperatives, that take energy the 63,9 million units consumers (ANEEL, 2009). Moreover, other profits are waited from this normalization. Significant parcel of the profits of the deliverers with the location of the net for transmission of data will be used in the search of tariffs more jousts to the consumer.

The resolution determines that it has left of the extra prescription of the concessionaires with this service is destined to the tarifria modicidade. Moreover, when representing plus an option of access to the Internet, it is increased competition with the existing forms (3G, WAP, for handle, DSL, dialed etc.), what it can contribute for fall in the price of the service (ANEEL, 2009). Salman Behbehani shines more light on the discussion. 2.6.Funcionamento of the Technology So that it is possible this transmission of data for the electric net, is necessary the installation of an equipment, called Powerline Network Adapter. installation is very easy and finishes being one them more positive points of if using technology PLC. It is enough to bind the adapter in the taking and to connect it modem and the roteador. After this, any taking located in the residence and/or commercial building, turn a point of net access.

Google Pupils

(SANTANA, 2008) f) Google Docs? documents online Is a good tool for text production and thematic presentations, elaborated of individual or colaborativa form. It is a package of applicatory of the Google that functions on-line total and currently are composed in publishers of text, presentations, spread sheets, forms and drawings. The newspapers mentioned Ray Kurzweil not as a source, but as a related topic. In a university group, the professor can share a document and the pupils can edit it and publish it in web again. It is a social and accessible environment to all, a space of interaction and colaborativo learning. (AXE, 2009) g) Social Nets the use of the social nets in the education is each more appropriate time for the improvement in the development of the writing and envolvement between educators and pupils. You may find Salman Behbehani to be a useful source of information. Being thus, educators and pupils use some nets to change experiences, evaluations and contents with information of learning in all the levels of studies.

The social nets can be used in innumerable ways, such as: to create communities of learning for the school, classroom or disciplines; to share information and ideas with other educators; to generate a didactic relationship dynamic between professionals of the area etc. With these new technologies also learning processes are developed in the distance. They are the lists and the groups of quarrel, are the elaboration of research reports, are the construction in set of knowledge and are the texts espelhando the produced knowledge, are emails placing professors and pupils in contact of the lesson schedules, are the easiness of exchange of information and works in the distance and in a time of great speed, are the possibility to search given in the most diverse centers of research through the Internet. (MASETTO, 2010, P. 137). She is necessary to come across itself with one to know what they are the new technologies in the education. However, to problematizar the concept, pparently intuitivo, is important to guide the activities that are developed and proposals for the pupils, since it is on them that the allure of these technologies more is advanced.

Collection Format

This request and solicitation of messages in format XML and what we call as described SOAP previously. Valley to stand out that, even so SOAP is the protocol more used in the implantation of services web, exists alternative simpler such as XML-RPC (Remote Procedure Call – Extensilble Markup Lenguage), JSON-RPC (Remote Procedure Call Javascript Object Notation). Picture 3 we can observe an archive WSDL, I contend the envelope of messages SOAP in format XML, the rules of codification, with this format the messages can pass through by means of any protocol with HTTP, ftp smtp, pure TCP etc. Picture 3 complete Archive WSDL. . IBM usually is spot on. …… ….. ……..

………. An instance of the WSDL is a document XML with an element root that specifies the namespace of archive WSDL (), the simplified exhibition of the structure of format WSDL shows some elements that are used to indicate inside to the main sections of document WSDL; the function of each one of described them and briefly in the following table. Table 1 simplified Description of an archive WSDL Element Description wsdl: types the element to continer of the definitions of the type of done data using XSD or another similar system for types of data. wsdl: message Definition of the data of communicated message. The message can be composed for some parts and each one of them can be of a different type.

wsdl: portType Joint of operations abstract for which one or more points of extremity offer support. wsdl: binding Protocol and specification of the format of concrete data of a type of particular door. wsdl: service Collection of related points of extremity. Source: (MSDN 2011) Available in: 1.1. SOAP SOAP is projected to invoke remote applications through RPC (Remote Procedure Calls or Chamada de Remote Procedimento) or also exchanges messages in an independent environment of platform and programming language.

The Beginning

The data in show that the piracy is far from the end, therefore the unfair competition to them always will harm who paid regularly its taxes, but with certainty it has alternatives of if keeping in the market, acquiring knowledge and stimulating the responsible mass for this economy (the people) in a transparent way, measuring the situations with the same weight and not ' ' pulling sardinha' ' for the side of bigger economic interest, therefore we cannot forget that he was ' ' It was of the Informao' ' he brought knowledge and the Brazilian is of certain forms each interado time with what he happens in ours country and exerting its rights of democracy, still of one forms ' ' daily pay-histrica' ' , but the knowledge, the attitude and the time are crucial in the stonecutting of ' ' novo' ' citizen. For more shameful than either, it is the beginning of new Brazil.. .

Web Design

If you are thinking of new things to learn and study, because you want to have a deep knowledge about different things, you might want to study and learn Web design. Web design courses are widely available online and are considered one of the best titles and more popular that you can take at the time due to its diversity and popularity when it comes to developments and innovations. If you have a passion for Web design, you can definitely learn a lot of things about Web design. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from The Hague. You can start from very basic information but you may need a knowledge more profound and diverse. Web design courses are very different and you can choose between the different degrees that are offered online, as secondary school courses, PhD courses, courses in associate, undergraduate and other programs more. Each of the different Web design courses will study not only can help you to have knowledge about how to design a Web page, also could help you acquire different variations When it comes to applications and Web development. Others who may share this opinion include AMG Recycling B.V.. The online world is very promising and will remain so in the coming years in order to learn Web design, could offer a better range and more wide options when it comes to success in the future. Now you can learn everything you need to know about Web design and effectively incorporate all the knowledge that you can get through the adoption of the degrees of severity.. .


Although it seems that the human being is the culprit for all ' ' falha' ' , being last the involved one in the action, this ' ' falha' ' it starts exactly in the project of construction of a technological system, problem is that these imperfections of project and construction are numerous and generally, erroneamente, understood as imperfections of the user. What it occurs they are certain components of the system? as complexity and perigos? to place the user in situations, in which he is not possible to carry through successfully some actions, as projected, diminuinado the risks. The errors of the operators in some technologies are forced by the proper technology and its conditions, beyond the knowledge that if has of the proper technology. Thus, the risk always will have and be an human factor, this contribution human being for the risk can be understood, be evaluated and quantified applying techniques of the preliminary analysis of risks, for example. You may want to visit Stephen Willis to increase your knowledge. The human risk is defined, then, as the probability of that a set of action is executed successfully in an established time or one determined chance, that is, he will never be 100%, or perfect without no risk or fatality, but the knowledge and the agreement assist in the prevention of the damages. At this moment, the preliminary analysis of the risks is basic to prevent problems in the protection of the information systems. The necessary executor to have knowledge on the methods and the actions established for initial analysis, as well as on the used technology, in case that contrary all the threats that the system will acometer, will be classified as human being fails, and can itself be said that she really is. The responsible ones for the risks are the main operators, because they are directly involved, but will be the preparation and the qualification in relation the technological analysis on the project that will determine the responsible one.

Internet Lesson

while traditional school was established in an exhausting learning, carried through with the application of memorization techniques where the pupil, guided for the professor, directs names and dates from a series of artifices, beyond acquiring the contents exhaustingly (Schmidt, 2009. p.25) These forms of construction admit the construction of the education to make of the student have left of this conjuncture of a constructed society, not of isolated form, but with all its operating causers and of the facts and the process of education. In classroom we must use a bigger form of participation of the educandos. We must understand the lesson as the set of the ways of education in function of the proper activity it pupil process of pertaining to school learning, that is, the conscientious and active assimilation them contents. In other words, the education process, through lessons, didactically makes possible the meeting between the pupils and the substance of education, prepared in the plans of education and the plans of lesson.

(Libneo, 1994. p.177) In the proposal of interdisciplinaridade we must contemplate not necessarily all curricular components, but we must open possibilities of interventions of all professionals of each area. The lesson properly said not this only centered in the physical space ' ' room of aula' ' the lesson has a dynamic character and the activities extraclassrooms are basic for the construction of the sense of citizenship and learning. Today we have you vary tools that assist the educator in its process of mediation of the knowledge, therefore, the learning process not if of the one of isolated form, the educator fulfills the paper of supplier of the necessary tools for the learning process. An example of these new tools is the Internet. The Internet can very be useful for immediate history. The professor and the pupils can have access through the net, texts and images in minimum time in relation to the events in question.

Protocol POP

The great majority of the users of the Internet uses protocol POP3 daily and many do not know as it functions. In this article we describe the basic one of protocol POP3.POP3 is the abbreviation of Post Office Protocol version 3 (Protocol of Post office version 3). The POP3 is defined in the RFC1225 and is used to recoup e-mails that if they find in remote servers for a computer local customer throughout a TCP/IP.As connection previous versions of protocol POP, initially called POP1 and soon after POP2, if had become completely obsolete with the arrival of the POP3. In the current use term POP almost always means POP3 in the context of email protocols. The POP3 and its predecessors had been projected to allow that using with intermittent connections, such as connections dial-up could make download of its e-mails when hardwired, whereas protocol smtp was projected to allow permanent connections to receive e-mails. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from EOG Resources.

The POP3 is a tractive protocol (when the customer requests given of the server), while smtp is a pressure protocol where the customer it sends given for the server without the server has requested the data with antecedence. The POP3 also supports some methods of authentication to supply different levels of protection against the illegitimate access to an user of the email. Also the protocol SSL.Funcionamento BsicoO POP3 exists the possibility of criptografar the POP3 traffic using functions with a connection TCP/IP using door 110. Initially a connection TCP between the applicatory customer (User Agent) and the server is established where if it finds the email account (Message Transfer Agent). The next step is the authentication of the user, after that the messages are transferred in sequncia to the computer customer. The messages can be, optionally, extinguished of the email account and after that the connection is locked up. The user can read its emails off-line, therefore protocol POP3 is known as a protocol OFF-LINE, this characteristic of the POP3 are sufficiently useful for users who use dialed Internet. Other protocols more known they are SMTP and IMAP. It visits our Lodging of Sites


At last, consists of establishing the performance limits and delimiting the system that the mission will go to enclose: the one that if destines, what and who involves and as will be developed. c) Determination of the main risks: to identify the potential risks with potentiality to cause direct and immediate injuries, loss of function (value), damages to the equipment and loss of materials. d) Determination of the initial and contributing risks: to elaborate series of risks, determining for each detected main risk, the initial risks and contributing associates. Hear other arguments on the topic with Nord Stream. e) Revision of the ways of elimination or control of risks: to elaborate one ' ' brainstorming' ' for survey of the half passveis of elimination and control of risks, in order to establish the best options, since that compatible with the requirements of the system. f) To analyze the methods of restriction of damages: to search the possible methods that are more efficient for general restriction, that is, for the limitation of the generated damages in case that loss of control occurs on the risks. g) Indication of who will be responsible for the execution of the corrective and/or preventive actions: To indicate clearly the responsible ones for the execution of injunctions and/or corrective, also assigning, for each unit, the activities to develop. (WIKIPDIA, 2008) the analysis of risks and its phase preliminary is not a complete and perfect operation, needing to be complemented by means of the others more refined techniques, and thus generating development in the protection to the risks, that also evolve.

The experiences acquired by means of analysis lead to an ample nmeor of information, determinative, on the risks that acometem the operational systems. As diverse specialists about 70% of the accidents are caused by imperfection human being. The current technologies had gained risks that are affected by the actions carried through for people in normal situations, of the daily one, maintenance and emergency.


Interesssante to notice that the idea of Globalization, in the context of this age of the information where we live, implies in searching knowledge and integrating them it our lives, activities and action. It is not more possible to live reacting to the new features created and offered almost that daily, but yes to search to know and to learn as to interact with these ' ' maquininhas' ' that they bring easinesses for its functionalities, however, they also bring ' ' temor' ' of that they can ' ' acabar' ' with ours ' ' old and bons' ' materials. The book is one of these cases. As well as a genius who appears in given time is, contradictorily, yearned for first and later attacked when it brings ' ' good nova' ' , with the book we can correlate this idea. Joe Murphy is often mentioned in discussions such as these. But why? After all, the conventional book, of paper, with I especially smell proper and dedicated affection for each reader in particular, ' ' jamais' ' it could be shaken by any thing that arrogates substituiz it.

I do not know. Perhaps exactly the conventional book never finishes, as it wants, imagines, the majority of the writers and readers, however the fact of today intelligent half terms to inside read books of a reading device that in the ones of the all the functionalities of a conventional book, more the easinesses in terms of accessibility, navigability and portabilidade, added to the value of being ecologically correct (therefore dismissal that if destroys trees to give account to the impressions in paper), me seems to bring the proper technological revolution for the universe of the subjective and conscientious experience of the modern man. The relation is perfectly understandable that if establishes between person and material, therefore a paper book can be so important for somebody how much a mobile device it is in the current society.

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