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Retriever Way

And that is a good thing. But it’s not what I want or what we want. For my dear husband pulls the calm and authenticity of Raach the hustle and bustle of the big world” before. And our four-legged child, Caya, the Retriever bitch, fell from the outset in Raach. “What has to do of course absolutely nothing so that by the hosts of Daneshvar Gasthof” is greeted with Hundestangerln at the last visit it was March.

The sun shone hot, cloudless blue arched to the sky. But in the forest, on the way to the Rams were still crunching icy snow. At over 800 m above sea level makes itself won’t chase away the winter, but the air was wonderful and the Sun was shining with real power. Coltsfoot tried to pave the way, deer with a grey winter coat and bright white Popscherl crossed the road. We went the forest road up to the Ramssattel, where we sat on the bench in the Sun and admired has been the whole hilly massif, which spread out at our feet. No sound far and wide. One hears the silence”, I said.

Yes, unbelievable. My husband said not even a plane”. Caya said nothing. She dreamed of, on the way home again from the line to be left there, where in the triangle of the small streets that was snow field, to dig more holes in the frozen snow, so as she digs in her native Majorca always holes in the sand on the way back we walked across the street. It connects Raach with Rams and he scattered mainly by the inhabitants of far the farms used. As a result, only a tractor pulling a cartload of wood met us on all the way. The stop at the Inn by Shahida was wonderful. With the well-earned appetite we went forth over the delicacies. Franz Diewald is a gifted Cook. He holds many sophisticated cooking and he is rightly proud that some of his students are now successful chefs. But in his Inn focuses on home-cooked meals made with local and fresh products. And so let us taste it really well. We were met on the way home. Over at the medieval castle of Wartenstein, later builders a sleeping beauty Castle atmosphere have missed down to Gloggnitz and the S6 home, Direction Vienna. It was a wonderful trip. And not just the dog slept that night soundlyu0085

Hiking In Ireland

Wanderlust Ireland is the hiking programme for the year 2014 before hiking is healthy and in”, the destination of Ireland as well: the hiking Organizer wanderlust Ireland has released the program for the year 2014. He will offer numerous exclusive hiking tours in the scenic unique southwest of Ireland in the coming year. For garden lovers and light hikers, there is a garden hiking week in the beautiful landscaped gardens of the Anglo-Irish landed gentry. Island fans will come at your expense at the island hiking week: seven islands in seven days at the program. Who wants to learn the proper handling of the digital camera while hiking, has this opportunity at the Ireland photo hiking. Premiere has a wild week in the Irish hills in June 2014. Each week-long hiking holidays on the Green Island take place beginning of April until the Indian summer in September from the heyday.

The wanderlust founder living since the year 2000 in Ireland. To welcome guests from German-speaking countries, where for over ten years. The wanderlust team looks after the guests personal and accompanied them into German language. Wanderlust deliberately avoids size and mass business. The participants walk in small groups with a maximum of 17 participants, also far away from the known paths, beaches and cliffs on the Atlantic, Irish sheep meadows and the mountains high above the sea. Wanderlust is the careful and mindful walking according to the environmental code, leave no trace”obliged. Who wants to take a picture of the South West of Ireland, can accompany wanderlust founder Markus Bauchle on a 90-minute trip to TV.

The hiker and author (new book: Ireland.) (Ein Landerportrat, 2013) Ireland’s Green South West has beautifully in the summer as a guide in the famous WDR travel show “involved. The broadcast can be viewed at any time in the library of the WDR: (link: beautiful) wanderlust hiking holiday, there are from 690 euros per week, the new detailed program: or directly at wanderlust:, Tel. 0049 (0) 89 89 623 290. contact: wanderlust Antje Wendel Ardaturrish beg Gleneagles g reef, co.

Help For Aviophobiker

It is actually pretty easy seminars against fear of flying: A great destination, perhaps two or three hour flight and then everything is over. What sounds so simple for many, is a true torture for people with fear of flying, so-called Aviophobiker. No matter what may wait for a holiday after the flight, the stress in advance he will compensate for limited. The travel portal travel24.com informs how successful a therapy can be. The problem of many passengers is that they feel defenseless and at the mercy of.

Some panic rises, because they can not escape in the event of complications, but must rely on the skills of the pilots. Reasons for this are lack of knowledge about the procedures on a flight to the part. At this point, airlines place and first of all inform the technical operations while flying. Fear of flying can be successfully treated in connection with so-called confrontation strategies. The success speaks for itself. Many, in such Attend seminars, later far fewer problems, to get on a plane.

Of course, the airlines have a financial interest in their potential customers to the fear of flying. Finally, a survey of the Institut fur Demoskopie Allensbach indicates that 16 percent of Germans suffer from fear of flying. A reduction in the fear by appropriate therapies could increase the number of passengers and lead to more revenue. But there are also dubious offers mainly aimed at making money with the fear of flying of the persons concerned. “Ominous promise, such that the Aviophobie within a few hours or days to heal”, should be considered with caution. More information: magazin.travel24.com/… Travel24.com AG Lisa Neumann

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