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The module is prepared for a load distribution with a maximum. 16 poles for the thermal-magnetic circuit breaker (MCB); the battery has six poles for hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers (MHCB). The DPR2900 and DPR4000 rectifier modules are compatible with CellD shelving system. They offer (DPR4000 kW on output of up to 11.6 (DPR2900) and 24). Their small size is ideal for embedded power in mobile communication base stations or in broadband access points. The DPR 2900 series energy efficiency is greater than 96%.

Uninterrupted and switching power supplies Delta’s NH plus is the next generation of uninterrupted power supply (UPS) system that offers excellent protection for server, computer centres, networks, VOIP, and telecommunication systems. The system feature market-leading 94% energy efficiency even at common loads and up to six modules can operate in parallel in one cabinet. Other important features include input power distortion factor of less than 3%, which is based on patented technology, as well as battery independence, fan speed control and a high resolution LCD. The NH plus is compatible with generator installation, and its modular design offers easy maintenance and scalability. With four parallel cabinets the power ranges from 20 to 480kVA.

The Amplon RT 5-10kVA series UPS systems provide “1 + 1 redundancy” in parallel configurations for increased system reliability and are designed for rack installation or as a tower with LCD. Delta’s DPS series switching power supplies deliver power ranging up to 7,200W + via power modules, with efficiency of over 90% and power density of up to 25W/inch3. These products are modular, redundant, hot swappable, and provide universal input power system for high reliability. Delta offers custom design and high volume manufacturing capability of power supplies for PCs, servers, workstations, networking, peripherals and office equipment. Delta’s switching power supplies use state-of-the-art circuits and advanced packaging technologies such as ASIC, hybrid circuits and thin film to achieve high efficiencies and power densities.

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