The Consciousness

It works. Not always, and not immediately, but if you yell it sufficiently strong and clear, life gives us what we demand him. Here is where the indigenous cultures trying to us explain that this form of request and view with head, so characteristic of our European and American culture, has a high risk. And the explanation for this lies in our own heads, and the dual reality in which we live. The question, many forget, is: will be good for me what I’m asking? When we ask for plenty of light, then at the same time this light will cause heavy shade. When we ask much wealth, probably this same wealth bring lot of poverty in other aspects of life.

When we call love, this love will make us suffer immensely. When we call with the head, we are always subject to both sides, the left and the right, the top and the bottom, light and shadow. And like children at the supermarket, we do not have the consciousness to foresee the consequences of our actions. Does then the third question may be: how I can to change things in my life without falling into this duality? The answer is much more easy than we think. And at the same time, escapes completely from what our minds can come to understand. Ordered with the heart.

Our heart knows no duality, because it has integrated itself. The great universal wisdom of the both sides need this within our heart, both physical and energy level. And their intimate connection with our soul makes it the perfect guide for our actions. When we started to pray with the heart, rather than with the mind, then we realize that immediately, many of our desires change. And very soon appear things in our lives that make us most happy, without having to suffer the consequences on the other side of the medal. With my best wishes to all, Tzikin original author and source of the article.

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