The Dolomitenmann 2010: The Team Of Detectives Ulm

“Rafting, kayaking & mountain running, paragliding – the hardest relay race of the world Dolomites man held in early September in the Lienz Dolomites” extreme sports experts say is surely one of the toughest sports events around the world. 110 teams consisting of fight out of 4 athletes – a mountain runner, a para-glider, a canoeist and a mountain biking – in the relay race against rugged mountain slopes, unpredictable weather conditions, breakneck downhill and ice-cold whitewater. The Dolomitenmann 2010 competition is divided into a professional and amateur class, where each team is free to start in the Pro class. For the applicant, it comes to prize money and material assets the equivalent of 40.000,-. But rather is one of the common competition with the World Elite – fractions of seconds and of course fame and glory. Sponsor: economic detective agency Ulm stamina and fighting spirit of the participants have the entrepreneur Martin Ulm moved the sponsorship for the team to take over Hannes Kanade. The team of detectives Ulm: Kloiber Hannes, -Mountain runner Wansch Bernhard, AUT – AUT paragliding Hornhofer Kevin, AUT – canoeist Engleitner Martin, AUT – mountain bikers agency Martin Ulm – sponsor – the company which Ulm is detective agency Martin is a State-licensed private detective agency that handles investigations, research, observations, evidence assurance and reporting in Vienna, Austria and in all EU countries for private and corporate customers. Contact: Detective Agency Martin Ulm Laimgrubengasse 6/10 A-1060 Vienna Austria phone: + 431 91 388 74 fax: + 431 96 685 96 email:

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