The EFQM Model Management

With my teachers I learned a lot, with my colleagues, more, with my students even more companies will always have a goal to meet the needs of its customers by offering a product with excellent quality guarantee that really meets your needs. We are reminded that the Quality Model EFQM was announced by the EFQM in 1991, under the patronage of the European Commission. In October 1992, were given first prizes (among them one granted to a Spanish company). In subsequent years, small changes were incorporated and announced special versions for public service organizations and SME .. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Eliot Horowitz. On 21 April 1999 announced the latest version, which was adapted for application to schools in 2001. It is known that the EFQM Excellence Model is intended to help organizations (business or otherwise) to know themselves better and, consequently, improve their performance. Gabriela Toro graduate program participant, the specialty management Quality and Productivity, on the subject reminds us that the EFQM's mission is: to encourage and help European organizations to participate in improvement activities which lead ultimately to excellence in customer satisfaction and its employees, its social impact and business results. Support to managers of European organizations in accelerating the process of converting the Total Quality Management a decisive factor to achieve a position of global competitiveness.

Main features of the model and the team leader is always important to improve a team to lead the quality proposal. This equipment is, in our case, the management team. To form the team of sufficient quality is a group of people.

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