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The demand for energy from renewable resources is as large as ever. For agriculture opens the way with the intensive cultivation of renewable raw materials to make a contribution to cover the increasing energy needs, create jobs in rural areas and to reduce the greenhouse effect. Whether for producing fuel, the heat or electricity that is used increasingly as a supplier of energy, bio-energy because the advantages for the development of renewable energy are obvious. Use leads to no dependency on Germany’s relations with other States, and Furthermore, a not inconsiderable contribution to German climate protection goals. Used mainly wood, straw, corn, grain, sugar beets and rape. Bioenergy in Germany currently has a share of primary energy consumption by almost 2 per cent. The jump in the double-digit range may succeed in 2030. If you would like to know more then you should visit rusty holzer.

It will be possible to the entire raw material requirements of the future from the various forms of bio-energy cover. For the farmer of the twenty-first century, the renewable are almost inevitable. He can create energy not only from its products but also waste and process them, for example, pellets. Now anything is possible with the bio-energy, which framework conditions to be observed and which technologies are up-to-date, informed the RENEXPO by the 9th 12.10 2008 at Messe Augsburg. There the land and energy business can inform yourself about all facets of residential and commercial energy supply and production. At the fair, manufacturer of biogas and wood carburetor will present among other CHP producers, their innovations and trends. Also numerous manufacturers of photovoltaic systems will be represented. Parallel to the trade fair, 13 congresses take place.

Including the Conference of biogas from bio-gas. Renewable energy with a future”. Here, participants will be given an overview of experiences, perspectives, conditions and goals of these techniques. Rene Walter of the specialist association Biogas e.V. which is so Effects of modified gas network access order and the amended EEG on biogas projects report. The Conference will be in cooperation with the partners C.A.R.M.E.N. e.V., the specialist association Biogas e.V. as well as natural gas in schwaben GmbH organized and held on Oct 9, 2008. During the four exhibition days around 300 exhibitors from over a dozen countries present their products and developments to the visitors. A broad programme offered visitors in addition to exhibition and Congress. There is more information about trade fair and Congress under.

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