The Search

Fifty minutes weekly (one h/a) in the environment of the LIE to the accomplishment of tasks directed toward the letramento had been reserved, namely: collective reading, wheels of colloquies on the read text, production of texts, perception of determined constructions of the language? irony. Becoming a good reader, the pupil will have more access to the information, having been able to exert in fact its citizenship. Of the displayed one he is that one justifies the implantation and execution of this project. Valley to remember that, each professor, must have in mind that the focus is not the content of the lesson, but the reading of this content, that is, to facilitate, to assist the pupil to the reading of these contents, being made inferences, questionings, arguing opinions. Everything to make the pupil to construct the knowledge from what to read, the Tornado most independent. It was observed in elapsing of each meeting that had mannering difference with the handling of mouse, and the use of scanning that is, the book digitalizado to be used in the reading, providing to the pupil not the materialization of the same, but virtual use of it, in the search in presenting a different way to see the book. We initiate the research in November of 2010 and if it extended the January of 2011, it are the recess of 22/12/2010 03/01/2011, counting, therefore 45h/a of actions planned.

(ATTACHED 01). The explored group, 4 year C, consisted 25 pupils, being that only 20 appeared frequently normal. When having the first contact of the researcher with the group had excellent receptividade on the part of the pupils, thus being if they had shown considerate and prestativos to answer the disgnostic questionnaire (ATTACHED 02). 16 it did not have, however, a formula predefined of evaluation of exploitation of the alunado one on the study material, in order note attainment.

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