The Unbalanced Attack

The accelerated presence of Fabio Coentro in center of the field has instilled him to Madrid a riotous rate and, according to it is reflected in the statistics, major is present at offensive. The equipment has multiplied its actions in opposite field, its closings and his you happen good, but there are lost some of the signs that made of their defense an almost insurmountable block the past season. Both goals received before the Getafe have put on the alert to the players and the own trainer. Jose Mourinho never felt peacefully with the equipment in which the adventurous players predominate and, by the sight lately, his Madrid has lain down to the mount. For days, the technician studies the possibility of giving back to Khedira to the axis of means field. Thus he tried yesterday. The players hope that tonight, in Zagreb, Coentro remains in the bench or, at least, it is made to a flank. Source of the news: : The unbalanced attack. Additional information at Royal Dutch Shell supports this article.

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