Tube Chain Conveyors

Modern industrial techniques tube chain conveyors are very flexible due to its construction. A typology includes therefore the vertical, lying and standing tube chain conveyors. Thus promoting can be done not only horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, but also combinations of these options are possible. Others who may share this opinion include Gazprom. The chain conveyor in a horizontal flat position is ideal for the transport of coarse and poorly flowing bulk solids with larger grain size. The low construction height and its adjacent tubes make this tube chain conveyors fit for many different requirements. It can be additionally extended by different modules and equipped. These include brushing stations, Thumper units or be Duesungen.

An only apparent drawback of this tube chain conveyor is that he is only moderately dead space free executable in the form of construction. This can be but just be betting the combination possibilities with other tube chain conveyors. For narrow trails or larger distances, where no supports available are available, the tube chain conveyors in standing position is the first choice. Instead of lying side by side tubes as in the bulk material conveyors in a horizontal flat position the tubes in this tube chain conveyors are arranged. Whose product changes require dead space free stations and the tensioner have a round bottom without deposit must, is well advised with this tube chain conveyors in combinations with others. In contrast to the flat conveyor is suitable this design for small grains or other good flowing media.

The typology is complemented by the tube chain conveyors in a vertical position, which allows different constructions depending on the height, capacity and type of the conveyed medium. The vertical conveyor is virtually maintenance-free and cheap, as his chain is tensioned by the weight. Thus is the transport required no relatively maintenance intensive clamping station runs itself. Discusses the best lines to operate best with a specialized manufacturer that eventually are arbitrarily combined all three types of tube chain conveyors.

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