Ubuntu Linux

The Ubuntu community is based on the ideas enshrined in the Ubuntu manifesto: software must always be available free of charge this software may be used in the native language of the user, and despite any disabilities users will always have the freedom to adapt and modify the software according to your particular needs. This freedom is what makes Ubuntu Linux radically different from traditional proprietary software: not only is it available for free, if not that also has the right to modify it to make it work in the way that you want. Ubuntu offers a full Linux operating system, which includes more than 1,000 packages (programs) which include Gnome (window manager). Applications that expect on any desktop, such as word processor, spreadsheet and Web browser are also included. All of this is included in the installation CD. In addition, through the Internet, we have access to over 1,300 packages fully supported by Ubuntu Linux. With Ubuntu Linux We have a full computer desktop, suitable for home, professional or educational use. Ubuntu Linux ensures a new distribution every 6 months, with the latest versions of the kernel (the core of the operating system), the graphical environment (Gnome) and key applications. Ubuntu Linux is a good choice if you are looking a full, solid and stable operating system.

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