Udi Manber

Or in other words: to use the collective intelligence of the Network to determine that sites are more excellent. Nevertheless, the head of search of Google, Udi Manber, speaks of how the Page Rank is not everything: " The people pay attention to the Page Rank because he is recognizable, but are many other things that have improved his relevancia". These " another one cosas" they are known like " seales" , many of which are not revealed. " interpretacin" of these signals it has generated all an industry that offers to position pages between the first places of the results of Google: the CATHEDRAL, or Search Engine optimization. The CATHEDRAL of white hat has even been divided entr (the one that is based on which Google presents: basically to construct a friendly site for the robotic spiders of the finder and to construct links) and the CATHEDRAL of black hat (the one that offers forms to deceive to Google and to seed links surreptitiously).

Those that says to know some the secrets of the algorithm of Google can make much money. It is by this, and to be a passage in front of his competition that Google (with its 65% of the market) modifies its algorithm constantly, which could be said, like all Google (that maintains its project in ether to us state beta) is a work in construction. Although the Page Rank could be considered like a species of elctrnica democracy: the democracy of million people deciding that to linkear, Google is shortage another democracy (to Google, whose mantra is " Not to be malo" , it likes to speak of democarcia) in itself: the democracy of the data that generate the million people whom they look for in his motor search. The results to which they do click, the words that they replace when the results do not satisfy them, how their searches fit with their physical location, etc., are part of these " seales" , and they are taken into account to perfect the algorithm.

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