Because each with each ultrasound output can be treated only a very small percentage of the myoma, this process must be so often repeated, usually about 50 times until the required volume has been treated. The procedure takes about 3 hours, depending on the size and number of the myoma treated. After the treatment the body rejects the treated tissue over a period of several months and this fibroid shares are broken down by your body’s defense cells. The fibroid-related symptoms return or gradually disappear. What do I feel during treatment? Prior to treatment, you will receive a sedative – and pain medication that will help you to relax.

You are on a patient table and be configured prior to starting treatment, you lie comfortably. The treatment takes place while you are on the patient table inside the MR device. The clinic team is located in the next room and communicates via microphone and speaker with you. The doctor informs you when the MRI scans (scanning), and if the system emits the Ultrasound (treatment). During treatment, you will feel a warm feeling in the pelvic area. This is normal. There is an emergency stop button available, which you can break the ultrasonic treatment immediately.

You are awake during the entire treatment and talk to your doctor if necessary via a microphone. After completion of therapy, you spend some hours in the clinic so that can abklinghen the effect of the drugs. Subsequently, you can go home and resume your normal daily activities shortly thereafter. How do I know whether I’m for MR guided TFU in question? If your symptoms caused by fibroids need to be treated you bypass surgery and want to preserve your uterus, consult with your doctor. It will you to your symptoms and your general State of health consult. You should undergo a gynaecologist, get a routine blood test and an MRI image of your pelvis should be customized. On the basis of this information, your doctor can decide whether you are eligible for MR guided TFU in question.

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