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So you have charisma and comfort – long pleasure. Upholstery fabrics and upholstery fabrics provide an individual ambience and lend an individual touch to each spatial. In the realization of the idea of a living or in setting up hotels and restaurants they play a major role; Here, emphasis is placed on quality and comfort. EOG Resources Inc. gathered all the information. Quality fabrics are available for Wolstand and culture and are used very vielseitg, so it is not surprising that the requirements on Heimtextilen are very diverse. If you again want to brighten up a whole sofa in your living room and a kitchen corner bench or your garden furniture with a new upholstery fabric, for every purpose there is the right quality. The variety of designs offers the ideal fabric for every taste. Depending on the intended use, the choice of the right fabric is critical to its longevity. So that you will have long-lasting pleasure with your upholstery fabric, you can refer basically buying according to following criteria: resistance durability a Reference substance specified in rubs, the procedure used at the most determined according to the inventor of Martindale abrasion resistance.

The higher the barn tour, the fabric is more resilient. This guideline can be, for example, for large families or households with dog or cat of importance. Here a small overview of the widespread values: 10,000 rubs, light load, private use 15,000 rubs, normal load, private use 20,000 rubs, regular load, public use 30,000, intense distress, public use light fastness light fastness is very important for use in outdoor applications, mostly for garden furniture, but also furniture protected winter garden, suffering from exposure to direct sunlight because textile fabrics. Dark colors change faster than lighter through the effects of light. The evaluation of color fastness of textiles compared with the daylight is classified in a scale from 1 to 8, with 1 the worst and 8 represents the best light touch. There is however no general protection against fading.

Rub fastness the fastness to rubbing is the resistance of the color of dyed or printed fabrics from a rubbing off or staining on other fabrics. The assessment is carried out in 5 levels of authenticity, where level “5” means a very high resistance to rubbing and level “1” a very low. Pillbildung certain textiles are particularly susceptible to formation of lint or small nodules caused by chafing with other materials on the surface. The scale of the standard pilling tests for upholstery ranges from 1 to 5, where 5 for maximum resistance. Each cuddly fabric and the longer the greater the yarn, usually the danger of Pillbildung, where this does not compromise the quality of the material. Tear a value of, for example, in the choice of faux leather is very interesting. It is the resistance which opposes the tearing the fabric of a previously cut textile area. Ever higher the value is even more resistant against tearing of the fabric. Ensure that the broadcasting and the quality of the reference substance is safe handling in connection with the correct cleaning and care of the material of great importance. We wish you a long textile pleasure with our tips!

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