Water Is Not Just Water

Did you know why water is so particularly for the well-being that pasteurized milk for calves is deadly? Did you also know that pasteurized milk has all ingredients (calcium, proteins, etc.) in the same quality and quantity as the untreated raw milk? Why can’t a dairy calf with pasteurized milk but then survive? Biophysicists have found out that pasteurization changes the structure of the water. Water has special properties, it has a special geometry, which varies due to factors (E.g. radiation, poisons, emotions). We now know that water is instantly able to store information and to dispose of them. To broaden your perception, visit Royal Dutch Shell. Thus, its structure is changing. “When you consider that the man to more than 70% consists of water, receives structured water a new meaning for the health. Thus, it is not chemically primarily”meant high-quality water with all of its positive characteristics, but water with its biophysical structure.

Think about this side of the water, because ultimately consist of water. If you would like more information, please visit the following Web site:. Dott. Rainer Niederkofler

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