Wellness Pools

Major exhibition of classic pools, natural swimming pools and swimming ponds. More information is housed here: Royal Dutch Shell. poolsplace is the first exhibition in Germany, where interested parties can get a direct overview of classic pools, natural swimming pools and swimming ponds. Over 1400 square meters six leading manufacturer of pool, Spa, and swimming pond industry present their highlights around the cool water. To show the customers an overview of the stylish product world and the emotional environment, the exhibition as a classical private garden is built this means that you can experience there all year round “live” the products. Can interested parties about all the possibilities to build a pool or swimming pond can advise locally, and are then forwarded to the competent, regional dealer and garden and landscape designers. The specialists of poolsplace provide everything from a single source from planning an entire garden and pools together with competent partners to final implementation.

In the exhibition “World of living” directly on the Weaver’s House site presents poolsplace prefabricated pools in different designs with classic filter technology. The pools are equipped with lots of beautiful and exclusive details: roller shutter cover, counter-current and massage jets, various water games, air heat pump and energy-efficient LED underwater lighting. Also a pool as prefabricated pools with the innovative biological filter system to see and a swimming pond with a biological filter and a tasteful shallow water zone is installed. A Jacuzzi and various garden showers stainless round off the exhibition range. Next to the pool and swimming pond products, offers the exhibition also General ideas for the garden and shows news from different areas such as for example stone and wood flooring, garden furniture, sunshade and other accessories. A highlight of the exhibition will be also the newly designed pool house, which was created in cooperation with the firm of Weaver’s House and sold by poolsplace. The pool house consists of module components and includes a Wellness area with built-in sauna, changing room and sanitary facility. Still, there is a field for the pool equipment, a kitchen and a relaxation and sunbathing area.

At the poolsplace exhibition, the relaxation area will be used as Office. poolsplace welcomes many visitors at the exhibition and gladly receives dealers and architects who want to learn together with their customers.

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