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Be aware, in what time of day training for you more effectively. If the subject is given to you easily, do not delay independent study at the end of the day, when you have nothing to be able to understand, too tired and you have nothing to want, do not to mention the language. Take the first more complex and least favorite job, and then reward yourself that you prefer (ice cream, watching a good movie, etc.). Learn how to break down complex topics into a number of simple. Start work with more complex tasks, then move to the lungs. At the classroom come prepared. Sometimes we have to rebuild from the native language into a foreign language.

Run in advance and read the textbook material you are only going to take place in the classroom. Try to get at least a basic understanding of the topic, consider what words, phrases or whole sections you will not understand, focus your attention on them, think What would you ask a question or engage in conversation. Management will help us to keep their training under the supervision of, to achieve specific objectives within a certain time, and thus see their gradual and purposeful success, which, like bread, it is important to support their motivation. Recreation important role in the motivation of training is rest. Unfortunately, no man is an inexhaustible source of energy. That's why most people is only one-third of the day. In this case, resting for two days a week and has one month per year on vacation.

Project Pedagogical Politician

In accordance with I stop: The participation of the population in the school alone will obtain some change from the participation of responsible parents and for the pupils, having offered the occasions of dialogue, of convivncia truily human being. the direction must be conscientious of that, for opening of the gates and walls, the school must be premade use the changes in the management and the form of participation of the community. It is necessary to understand it as participation politics, that must be understood as right of citizenship. (I stop, 2001 p.47) the participation of the members of the pertaining to school community in the construction of the project of the school goes to favor learnings significant, because developed in such a way it allows that the people ressignifiquem its experiences, reflect on its practical, rescue, they reaffirm and they bring up to date its values in the exchange with the values of other people, explicitem its dreams and utopias, demonstrate its to know, give sensible to its individual projects and collective, they reaffirm its identities, they establish new relations of convivncia and they indicate a horizon of new ways, possibilities and proposals of action. What it is clearly is that the Project Pedagogical Politician of the school, when constructed well and managed, can help of decisive form the school to reach its objectives.

Its absence, on the other hand, can in general mean an indifference with the school, the pupils, the education, what, certainly, it will reflect in the development of the society where the school will be inserted. Therefore, the Project Pedagogical Politician aims at to the promotion of the transformation necessary and desired by the collective communitarian pertaining to school and. Unhappyly to the times the schools do not perceive that the elaboration of its project is a privileged moment so that the school counts and registers its history, if not allowing to waste such chance.

Graduation Courses

The USE OF the INTERNET IN the COURSES OF GRADUATION and PS-GRADUAO Ana Claude of the Angels Oak Permitted in Mathematics for the UFRPE, After-graduanda of the course of Pedagogical Coordination of the Frassinetti College of Recife. Email: anaclaudia_acarvalho@ Cristiane Lopes orienting Teacher of disciplines Introduction the present article has as main focus to approach a subject sufficiently current, that is the use of the Internet as tool of education in the graduation courses and after-graduation. For being a very rich tool in resources, many educators finish passing unobserved for the benefits that it offers or can offer in the teach-learning process. The Internet is a technological resource that is present in the life of the people and came to be. Today it is possible to connect itself in house, the schools, the Shopping, Lan House, the work, at last, in some places, what it sufficiently facilitates the interaction of the people with the world.

It has well little time behind, the Internet alone was had access using telephonic line its cost was high, what it made it difficult the access for many people. Today with the expansion of the Internet broad band, and with the amount of companies who had arrived in the market to offer the service, the same it gained quality and the price reduced, providing a considerable increase of the number of users. Through the Internet we can use resources as email, chats, video conference, groups, fruns, research, beyond the sites of relationship that can come sufficiently to contribute for the interaction between professors and pupils. At last, as the professors use or can come to use the Internet in its practical professor? It will be that when using this technological tool it will be enriching its lessons or the Internet can finish being an villainous in the process teach-learning?

William Addison Dwiggins

The term, the principle, describes diverse qualifications that keep a formation or practical fellow creature. Therefore, to webdesigner, publisher of art and diagramador, for example, would be different graphical types of designers. Most important to define the area of performance of designer graphical she is to perceive the nature of this performance and if it is related to the general meaning of the graphical term design. The denomination was brother-in-law originally in English (graphic to designer), for William Addison Dwiggins in 1922O work of designers graphical is inserted in the daily one of the society through posters, logotipos, packings, books, periodicals, magazines, plates and systems of signalling, t-shirts, openings and vignettes of cinema and television, websites, softwares, games, systems of visual identity of companies, products and events, expositions, announcements etc.' ' ProfissoNo Brazil, the profession of graphical designer is not regularized (what it means that does not exist Advice of Classroom, as the CREA or the OAB), even so it consists of the General Catalogue of Professions of the Ministry of the Work Although the legislation to allow that any citizen exerts the activity, normally that is made for professionals formed in superior schools of Graphical Design or techniques as the SENAC. Before them appearing, however, a great amount of professionals was after established to receive formation in areas correlatas, as the architecture (especially designers formed by the FAUUSP) and in courses as of the Institute of Art the Contemporary of the Museum of Art of So Paulo. graphical Design and communication visualAntes of the use of the term ' design grfico' to be adopted, the term ' communication visual' it served to determine the area of performance of graphical designer (visual communicator). But as some they considered the term ' ' comunicao' ' very including, problem to the times faced by social communicators, the term in English for project was adopted. This was disputed by many, but the decision was kept e, in if treating to design, visual communication is synonymous of design grfico.REFERENCIAS

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