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CPU Port

USB is an interface plug & play between PC and certain devices such as keyboards, mouse, printers, modems, plates of sound, digital cameras, etc., which in the past were connected differently for example through ports serial or parallel, which require different drivers to operate and were many slower in what transfer rate refers.This interface is also widely used in data storage devices as they can be the USB memory or as a safety device so that our PC is locked and not be able to access our information such as USB keys we can name several benefits of Usb port: 1 one of the most important features is that allows devices to work at speeds on average to about 12 Mbpswhich is more or less 3 to 5 times faster than a device of parallel port and 25 to 40 times faster than a serial port device. 2 Has a more simple connection, since it has only one type of cable, by the tantopracticamente not be they registered errors when installing printer, camera, or even a storage device such as a flash drive, because there is only one type of cable (a-b USA) with different at each end connectors, so it is impossible to connect it wrongly. 3 Is cross-platform, it can be used both in different operating systems such as Windows, Linux or OS2 and different hardware as a PC or MAC platforms. This benefits significantly to compatibility, since eliminating the risks in offers a range of products, enabling the creation of innovative PC combinations, manufacturers software and peripherals that meet the needs of specific market segments. Remember that in the past, each device had a different port, the printer parallel port, serial port mouse, as well as also the keyboard used different port called ps/2. 4 Is Plug and Play, that is when we connect a printer or scanner via the USB interface, is not necessary to shut down the computer so that the new hardware is detected because the system automatically recognizes the connected device and installs the appropriate drivers, which allows it to be Hot Pluggable, it is saying that the user can connect and disconnect USB devices as often as you want without having to turn off and turn on the machine. 5 Is of great benefit for people with less experience in the world of computing, and to connect certain devices such as for example a network or a modem, plate years ago they had to if or if recourse to open the CPU to install the device, all this is much more easy and simple because now these devices are connected externally via USB.

6. USB technology allows connections in operation, so that users can easily incorporate a printer and when they need it, in USB, it is possible to connect up to 127 devices to our computer. In the photo we see a device to expand the connection for devices quantity.

Internet Explorer

However, you can resort to earlier versions that may work a little better, or directly opt for another client, such as for example the portable edition of BitComet, which is compatible with Windows 98 and ME. (7) Web browsing / E-mail two words: can be. No matter the modern designs, Adobe Flash, Silverlight, or whatever you can get to having a site, a person with a 133 Pentium can surf the Internet and send emails if you know how to move and avoid performance wells. Firstly, there are older versions of web browsers that can be more flexible than Internet Explorer. There are still copies of Netscape available, while previous versions of Opera are known for supporting very old systems, including Windows 3.11.

And to navigate humble systems, nothing better than the mobile versions of the portals more known, as Google, Gmail, Facebook or Twitter. Plain text, zero Flash, loaded in a heartbeat, and best of all is that it may become available when the main portals are dropped. (8) Learn Linux! One essential of any Linux distro virtues is that you can work much more efficiently provided it is compatible with the hardware present and to be dealing with a computer which on average has about fifteen years, it is logical to assume that by Linux hardware detection problems are reduced to zero. If you want to simply install a Linux distro on your computer, you can opt for some editions very light DamnSmallLinux or Tiny Core Linux, very friendly with humble systems. However, if you want to get a little dirty hands, you could bend towards something as Debian.

Version 5.0 Lenny is compatible with processor 486 onwards. Perhaps you should do some commitment in what refers to the graphical interface, but it is not anything that lacks solution. (9) Practice overclocking while many overclocking enthusiasts consider the golden age of the activity when he did present the famous Celeron 300A (which ran just by changing a jumper 450 MHz), the Pentium were also famous for allowing some megahertz extras.

Objects Scan

Normally the BIOS of the computers are configured to start from CD, and then from the hard disk. (no comment on network and usb). If it does not recognize your CD is because you should change the start mode. It is very easy to reboot the system and look at the first screen to appear (before of the Windows Logo). A black screen with data from the computer, like this: the bottom line indicates that keys with those necessary to change the boot drive (ESC for Boot Menu).

In this virtual machine is the ESC key, but on other computers you can change key. F11, F2, F10, but tends to be usual ESC or F11. When it appears the menu select CD here starts the charging process of the rescue disk. Follows the steps that tells you the system, is in English but I tell you what you have to do if you do not control much: press any key to continue: select language (English): press 1 to accept the terms and use license: starts in graphic mode: how to scan and disinfect the Final step computer! Once loaded the operating system (curious that it Linux which is to rescue Windows) you only have to run the antivirus. Before I recommend that you update the anti-virus. To access the antivirus tool click the button in the lower left corner (as the Start button in) Windows) > Kaspersky Security Disk-> My Update Center: when you finish update click on the first Objects Scan tab, selects all objects that appear in the list and gives the Start Objects Scan button.

You only now have to wait for it to detect viruses… When it detects a virus or malicious software dale to the delete button. You can to leave several times, if you want to save having to be pending, you only have to check the bottom Apply for all objects. Conclusion I would like to finish this article warning that you should keep your windows up-to-date. The leading cause of infections by virus in by guilt for not having updated your operating system.And of course have an antivirus installed. On this occasion I have used Kaspersky but here you have a complete list of free antivirus for Windows. More info on famous virus of the police, with screen shots of the process step by step in


I want to be a geek Ignacio Ortega writer when internet appeared, also appeared his first pajerocultos in its efforts to conquer the new Galaxy from the shadows. Thus, while I tested clumsy words on my computer, they testeaban the internet from which transgress the grammar of the conventional order, introducing the future wisdom of google. Until recently I thought that geeks, aside from the linguistic contamination imposed by its use, were only part of an elite group of social misfits, sallow skin and lovers of manga and pop, buried in their rooms under a mountain of comic and dirty socks. I erred in my views, they belong to the world of the Liberal hipercultos and humanists that all we want to be, who wear clothes heavy, owners of the wargames, able to melt your ETS in a heartbeat with a mail bombing, if they nominate it. While Joyce, Valle Inclan, the Ulysses or Luces of Bohemia They MISTED my glasses between ducados cigarette mists and depriving wine, they desvivian by computing, manga, the role-playing and science fiction; You spoke English with pride who know intended to subjugate the Galaxy, aware of the main concerns of the country would go to the new Galaxy, tuiterizada and feisbuquerizada today in the blogosphere. Those who belong to the generation without Internet only had then the honor of living in a land flat, parallel to the sky in which lived a God to which we saw not never. We charlabamos with flea market writers and painters of comas while we mamabamos life from Bogart to Sean Connery until night we missed, without asking us to not even what it felt like when the water you reached the neck. They, better than that generation, have managed to transcend this world through their most intimate fantasies, defying the world with glasses of pasta and linux.

It doesn’t matter the sons of geeks escaping books to view drawings animated, or that girls read more books than boys. They crouched as guirlocheros and people from the trile against your computer, dominate the web. Front of them my world is a journalistic cigarral lighting with adjectives that look just like sequins in newspapers where, by dint of nights, fits my life of scribe and nosecuantas bohemiadas. Today, that generation behind, grows a wisely subversive kind of creators of social networks, logos, video games, movie geeks, music youtuberizada and millions of comments that the post will use and cause to become multiple asynchronous conversations, nervously entangling the network of literary texts, with the same determination that before we emborronabamos hand patiently folios and folios.For this reason, I want to be geek.


The world of Smartphones, which seemed so closed, and until even oligopolistic, with absolute leadership of Rim, and with the iPhone on its heels, now it adds to other devices that seem to not be stopped up to occupy first place in sales, by encimad and its two competitors. We are talking about the Android platform, which has increasingly more followers and buyers. This way Linux, the operating system with more possibilities of advancement and development, charged revenge for loose sales in the computer market, and messing with the commercialization of mobile devices that include its Android platform. Thus, according to the data published by the consulting firm Nielsen, Android have become the first choice for buyers of mobile devices in the past 6 months, beating Apple’s iPhone himself. Based on the numbers who threw this report, Android has a current market’s 13 percent share, which collides with the 35 percent of RIM, and 28 percent of the iPhone, but where is well marked success taking Android, is in the figures for growth of the last time. It is that while the RIM platform has decreased by 2 per cent from the year 2009, the revolutionary device from Apple has had a growth of 7 percent, which is quite relegated if compared with 11 percent of growth experienced by the Android device. Also following with Nielsen data, 71 percent of those who buy an Android terminal, claim that your next phone will be a model based on this system. Beyond these positive numbers to the Linux-based system, the applications market is its big challenge. Is that although it has generated around 70,000 applications, fail to achieve the results expected, since the numbers are absolutely overwhelming: 99 percent of the downloaded applications are the inPhone.

Federico Nietzsche

Reason by which man takes their power and women theirs. Without the union of sperm with the egg apparently supporting this kind of procreative power can choose that their sperm and egg is not a, so that it will not become. Maybe this freedom is much more respectable. Than that when human being is gestated in the womb. Since that carries the original sin of him that Eastern European countries by all without asking. Depending on what Rafael Pombo understands writing. This kind of reasoning called some, blasphemy.

But they can call them arguments. Of Federico Nietzsche I have read some profanity not for Pombo. If we accept that blasphemy is that yelling in anger, a series of thoughts that attack brutally, without reason or cause. As the dog that attacks without provocation of any kind and that when returned you the attack with a stone is thrown in anger about the stone and not the hand that really attacks him. Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo Quien is Luzbel? Because if it was an angel of good came to be Lucifer? Lucifer is the Prince of evil or simply Lucifer is the slave of an essence that is unknown? Not bad! Pombo says: we were already sentenced to purge it here by the and to extend the planting of sins for Luzbel.

And this is another paradox; because we believe or not believe in a God, good or evil. Pombo knows that what sins would not be attributable to a rock to a tree or an animal. And Yes to the manifestation of life in every human being. Therefore if sins there are evidently they seeded in each human being for the benefit of Luzbel or Lucifer. Not interested in forming a controversy whether this or that. Only We note the arguments of our poet. Now: If we compare us with land.

Tarot Via Sms

Thanks to the evolution in the field of science and technology, mankind has improved its ability to manipulate the environment to their advantage. Makes about fifty years ago, astrologists or psychics consultations they were limited to a few psychics, who only accessed the wealthier classes. With the advent of the Internet, this type of problem has been in the past. Possible readings of Tarot cards via SMS, via phone call, chats, video calls and an innumerable quantity of completely innovative alternatives. Readings of Tarot cards can easily be performed through Internet and phone services. Internet is the medium most common to make Chat programs, although very full queries are developed through e-mail or videoconference, also.

This type of chucks always performs live with the Tarot reader and customers, through an exchange of messages in real time. Chat offers a better than e-mails field, due to its instant communication. In the Chat, the Seer is online and the client connects in a live discussion with him. Tarot through Internet queries are cost-effective in comparison with other ways of performing them. When the readings of letters is telephone service through hacena, this involves some costs that sometimes are beyond the reach of the ordinary citizen. On the contrary, the chat is not as expensive when it comes to Internet use. Once one has a connection to the Internet quick and reliable, anyone can contact an astrologer on-line. In that case, the main cost is the connection to Internet, since the chat is done online.

In a day you can do a myriad of psychological consultations. Once you have connection to the Internet, nothing prevents us from finding someone who pull us letters. Many specialists have the knowledge and skills, and he can be contacted through chats. Any type of service of astrology, is already lying Tarot cards via SMS, video calls for consultations on Numerology, Astral charts via email, etc, can be made in the infinity of the web, where there are no limits. All that one has to do is find a specific service and log in to chat.

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