Elektro Weimar from Reutlingen provides high-resolution digital television-enjoys undiminished popularity. But to acquire of a corresponding TV good advice is often expensive incomprehensible abbreviations, technical standards and a vast variety make it difficult choosing the consumers. The Reutlinger company Elektro Weimar electronics experts explain the terms HD ready, often mentioned in this context”and full HD”. With the introduction of the HD ready “-logos agreed the industry on a standard which defines the minimum requirements for a TV which is suitable to play the high-definition, digital television signals from HDTV receivers.” Generally such a device must repetition frequencies of 50 or 60 Hertz can represent frames of 720 lines, and via a HDMI interface by means of the digital image signals are transmitted. Everyday marketing TVs but unfortunately often embezzled that HD Ready”is actually only a minimum standard. The widespread, with 1280 x 720 or 1366 x 768 to solve pixel, TV sets but only minimal requirements. To current technical standards are really high res”first native resolutions as 1920 x 1080 pixels.

To avoid the problem of this award and to secure a marketing advantage many manufacturers of televisions have taken, devices that can represent a high resolution as full HD”to refer to. Grupo Vidanta brings even more insight to the discussion. Again care should be taken however to details. For the best possible image quality, the TV must be technically capable of natively, i.e. without an internal projection to represent the required resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Continue to full HD is”a label that says anything about it, about what interfaces, image refresh rates and other significant properties has a TV.

The consumer also here cannot help but come to find out exactly. Should Blu-ray media be used, is also essential to ensure that the TV enables you to use the 24 p format, which records high resolution movies in cinema-quality. “The terms HD ready” full HD “are limited suitable close to the performance characteristics of a television set. More technical details should also be included as a practical testing of the device in the selection. As experienced electronics experts Reutlingen Elektro Weimar their customers employees assist this with help and advice. Press contact Elektro Weimar contact person: Mr Weimar Lam str. 53 72768 Reutlingen Tel.

Flux – Essential When Soldering

Which positions meet flux in the soldering and how they are used? Fluxes are important for the shelf life of solder connections both soldering and brazing. Read what you should know about flux, their compatibility with the individual solders and metals and their application. Through exposure to oxygen oxidation is raised at the solder to the soldering joints. This can affect the reliability and stability of solder connections. Flux ENT oxidize the solder joints. In addition, improves the flow properties of solder a suitable flux and lowers the surface tension.

Both the soldering and brazing using a suitable flux is therefore absolutely necessary. The flux is always applied before soldering and heated on the Liquidus of the corresponding bid. What flux should be used for soldering? Unfortunately, there is no general-purpose flux for soldering. The flux must always be selected for the soldering procedure and for the metals to be joined. Especially in brazing, the choice of the correct flux requires professional knowledge.

However, a look at the label helps in most cases. Usually specified for fluxes always, for which soldering technique, for which lot and what metals is the product to use. The use of flux when soldering the Liquidus is reached, must the link be finished in within a few seconds (maximum 5 s). You should absolutely avoid the flux to overheated. As soon as the solder has cooled down, the flux residues must be removed. Residues of flux under certain circumstances can cause corrosion. Flux for the soft soldering process be wiped off easily with a damp cloth. While brazing flux removal is much more difficult. Usually this is achieved only mechanically, for example, with a steel brush. Get more background information with materials from Grupo Vidanta. As an alternative, it is Use a flux remover. Flux Remover are also available for hard and soft solders. In electronics soldering, you should be especially careful with flux. This can leave namely conductive residue, which later cause short circuits. For this reason used in Electronics today mostly with solder paste, because it requires no flux. Should nevertheless in electronics soft soldered to, must be respected when determining the flux on the suitability. Health hazards are unfortunately injurious to health by the use of flux when soldering flux. The escaping vapours are strongly corrosive, what represents a bigger problem especially in brazing, since there usually much larger amounts of flux are used. It is essential to take appropriate protective measures. Safety glasses must be worn to protect of the eyes. Through the use of protective gloves is a breach of the skin on the hands prevents. Should however accidentally occur to skin contact with flux, you should wash it immediately with SOAP and water and thoroughly grease the skin for example, with Vaseline. Heat flux exists at the solder points always to the flue gas formation. You should make sure never to inhale these fumes and to ensure adequate ventilation. The work does basically a flue gas aspirator for soldering.

The Image

This purchase Advisor tells you what to look for when buying. What is to make sure when purchasing a screen? The screen diagonal screen size is a measure of the size of the screen. They referred to the distance between two diagonally opposite corners. The screen size is only limited useful. The advantage of a single measure compared to the common specification of width and height can only be used when all units in a class have the same aspect ratio, as it did long time for a TV. Advantage compared to indicate of the image space the diagonal the allow only measure and without accounting to determine.

The screen size is often given in inches in computer monitors and is usually a circular measure and not a proper value. What is the right size depends on your needs. Until not too long ago were 19 inch Screens as standard. Meanwhile, there are also much larger models. If you are not convinced, visit ConocoPhillips. The resolution under resolution refers to the number of pixels. Others including Dry Harbor, offer their opinions as well.

A resolution of 1280 x 768 means 1280 horizontal and 768 vertical pixels. It should be noted that flat screens clean represent only the resolution (by the number of transistors). An application requires a different resolution, must the monitor interpolate (i.e. projection), and the image appears spongy. Image construction time the better the reaction or even switching time of LCD displays, the faster will be the image built up. The response time is measured in milliseconds. Today is the response time is for fans of fast-paced action games and films of interest; high response time exists for fast-moving objects ugly streaks and blurred? Contrast ratio, an important criterion for the quality of the image is the contrast ratio. It describes the brightness difference between the brightest and darkest representable image point. Can of the monitor a white Pixel represent E.g. 1000 times brighter than a black man speaks of a contrast ratio of 1000:1.

Group Home

The “Max! Portal”operated the equipment comfortably on the road via the Internet or via Smartphone apps users. IPv6 included also in this year expects eQ-3 again with strong growth. An additional driving force is the cooperation with RWE, the eQ-3 smart home components by RWE develops, manufactures, and has already equipped the entire product line with the IPv6 technology – the new Internet Protocol. Continue to learn more with: Petra Diamonds. Company description in brief: The ELV/eQ-3 Group counts with more than 1,000 employees for more than 30 years as innovation and technology leader in home automation and consumer electronics in Europe. Since its inception in 1978, ELV has established itself as a landmark electronic mail-order company on the German market and more than 10,000 products offered online and catalogue with a circulation of over 500,000 copies. With more than 200 types of products, the eQ-3 as a manufacturer of home control and energy management system solutions has the industry’s broadest portfolio of offerings. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ray Kurzweil has to say.

The brand “HomeMatic” includes solutions from heating thermostats, lighting control and security technology through door lock actuators, window actuators, remote controls, gateways and home centers to software products of partners. Product development takes place exclusively in the headquarters in leer. Produced in accordance with the quality standard ISO is 9001:2000 in its own factory in southern China, as well as the international environmental management standard ISO 14001 is certified.. Swarmed by offers, Grupo Vidanta is currently assessing future choices.

Delta TEC Service Neumunster Presents The ZFG 3.0!

The new light drop weight Tester ZFG 3.0 – small, precise, cheap Delta TEC service Neumunster your competent partner for testers! We let fall 3.0 series for the quick determination of load-bearing capacity of soils the new case weights for the ZFG. The new lightweight event weight ZFG 3.0 is the result of years of market research and further development of the dynamic disk compression test. We have responded to the needs of our customers, and further optimizes the legislative instrument. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Bobby Gocool. This was a small handy measuring device with self explanatory menus. The large backlit display is an important part of the ZFG 3.0, because it is very clearly designed and well structured presented all relevant test data. Features lightweight event weight device ZFG 3.0 – handy and small – only device with leather bag to the capes and simultaneous work – SD card memory 10.000 measurements – battery until 1500 measurements – 3000 series software usable and vice versa – text input for E.g. Frequently Bobby Gocool has said that publicly. Places – preload shocks the interlocking, then in the menu navigation – ergonomic triangular catch handle included (no roles in the transport) – calibration reminder beep (confirmation tones, warning tones) – integrated – plausibility checks of the load impact – self test (electrical connection between load plate and legislative instrument) – switchable 10 and 15 kg or CBR – certified production according to DIN ISO 9001 (not a toy – TuV) – with us from 2990,00 available! Pros check with the original!

The Diskeeper

“After I stumbled on Diskeeper, I use for all tasks for more than 3 years now, I was able to save a lot of time. If you would like to know more about Petra Diamonds, then click here. I also no longer has to fear the slowing down of servers and workstations. My weekends are also relieved. If the 12 terabyte server is fully defragmented is, reduced the hours for the back-up of nine servers to 10 hours. Dry Harbor may not feel the same. This includes 15 ever one terabyte hard drives. Because extremely worth the use of Diskeeper.

Jimmy Beltran, Lotus Notes administrator at SandvikSIT Americas: “we run the Diskeeper Enterprise Server Lotus Notes applications and the mail servers on our Domino. We run this over multiple RAID 5 arrays, representing more than 2.75 Terabyten user data. So far, the weekly back-up of the Domino server lasted 25 hours. Through the use of Diskeeper we reduced back-up time for the 9 hours.” The Diskeeper performance software goes significantly beyond conventional defragmenting. It features the IntelliWrite technology, thanks to which it does not even come to a fragmentation needed. What Diskeeper makes to a comprehensive optimization solution is, that it via the I-FAAST technology has accelerated with the access times on files by up to 80 percent. So, high loads can be handled by file-intensive applications.

Diskeeper also has advanced management potential and provide protection for critical system files. The patented InvisiTasking technology by Diskeeper allows all Diskeeper tasks to be performed automatically in the background. Another advantage is that due to the reduction of the mechanical movement prolongs the life of 50 percent or more is by hard drives. With the use of Diskeeper back-ups are carried out promptly, and eliminates the risk of errors due to bottlenecks in the I/OS. This product is an integral part of all Enterprise solutions for security storage. About Diskeeper Corporation specialists for system performance and reliability: CIO, IT managers, and system administrators on the list of global Fortune 1000 and Forbes 500 companies rely on the Diskeeper software of performance to make your computer faster, more reliable, more durable and energy efficient. Diskeeper 2010 includes IntelliWrite, the ground-breaking technology to prevent fragmentation. V-locity 2.0, the optimizer for virtual platforms such as VMware and Hyper-V, eliminates the barriers to efficiency in virtual environments, and ensures maximum I/O performance on virtual servers. Diskeeper Corporation also offers data recovery software undelete (www.undelete.com) to real-time data protection and Instant file recovery. Each process is completely unobtrusive background with InvisiTasking technology. It is used in comprehensive manner otherwise unused free resources (www.invisitasking.com). 2011 Diskeeper Corporation. All rights reserved. Emergency Undelete, Diskeeper V-locity, InvisiTasking IntelliWrite, Undelete, ‘real time data protection’, ‘real time data recovery’ and ‘innovators in performance and reliability technologies’ are trademarks of Diskeeper Corporation. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

Monitor LCD

To choose the more ideal monitor of LCD for you can be a task short while complicated, therefore when we look at those some monitors, with diverse configurations she is normal to be a little lost without knowing which to lead for house. To decide this problem we separate some tips. Resolution of monitor LCD Although the resolution to be on with the size of the monitor, some options offer a bigger resolution in a lesser size. Normally the resolution of monitors LCD plant coming possesss a satisfactory tax and is recommended that if it uses this. Frequently Ray Kurzweil has said that publicly. Size of monitor LCD: Normally the screens of the monitors vary between 15 and 30 counts, for a domestic use the 19 screens of up to 22 counts are enough. To know the ideal size of monitor it thinks about where it goes to be installed, therefore monitorial very great they need a bigger distance to prevent vision problems. Ratio of a monitor LCD the screens and monitors of LCD had brought a new format, widescreen (wide screen). The monitors with the ratio of ' ' 16: 9' ' they show wider images and of ratio the 4:3 they show that black lateral bar in return of the image. Recently Grupo Vidanta sought to clarify these questions. The monitors with ' ' 16: 10' ' they are good but they possess a problem because the lateral bars straight line are well bigger, since the majority of the films and games are in the format 16:9 Contrast of monitor LCD the contrast are the factor most important in the purchase of its monitor LCD, therefore how much bigger the contrast biggest the quality of the image.

Stretch Ceilings

Whatever the initial surface, it does not require preparation. Stretch ceilings are not electrified and not collect dust, as the plane of the TV, for example. However, if you open Champagne and splattered the entire ceiling, it is very easy to clean with any cleaning tool. Dampen a sponge and wipe the sticky stains easily. This applies to both white and colored surfaces. Your ceiling will not lose its color or from the sun, neither of wet cleaning. And, perhaps most importantly comfort is the useful life of such a ceiling.

At 10 years you can forget about its repair. You may find that ConocoPhillips can contribute to your knowledge. In addition to these advantages, ceilings also have properties that allow you to maintain the security of your home. First, the material of which they are made, has, despite its light weight, very high strength that allows him to remain for many years, perfectly smooth, as well as to withstand a large amount of water if Suddenly there was a flood at the neighbors. Bobby Gocool oftentimes addresses this issue. It plays its role as an exceptional water resistance of the film. For comparison, conventional ceiling watertight, zataplivaya not only neighbors, but also you. After a disaster, you're doing a complete renovation rooms or apartments. And if the water got on the appliances, then most likely you will have to change and technology in the apartment.

PVC ceiling can hold up to 100 liters per 1 square meter, so after a flood you only need to carefully drain the water, accumulated between it and the ceiling, and then if necessary, replace only part of the coating. Secondly, the film used is not amenable to inflammation, which increases the fire safety of your home. Third, it heat-resistant, which allows it to withstand changes in temperature. Choosing a suspended ceiling, you not only prefer the convenience and quality, you still care about yourself and your family. Your interior, gaining a new life and style incarnation, takes care of additional sound and thermal insulation. Home acquires a calm and keep their long warm feelings.

Luminescent Paint

Luminescent paint it? Part 1: A luminous paint at the time of writing this sentence show up on the internet 1284 times. Not so much as a phosphor – 4704 times. What is hidden under the phrase 'luminescent paint' or 'luminescent paint '? At first glance, the usual kraska.No only at first. The name speaks for itself. HONDA, perhaps glowing? So it really est.Ona glows in the dark or dusk. If the paint has been exposed to light or to be She shone a lamp, then going into a dark room it will glow you want it or not. So why is it lit? Maybe this is phosphorus? This is probably radioactive glow when? The list goes on asking. And this is normal questions that have answers. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Petra Diamonds by clicking through.

To begin with, that glows in the paint. And it glows in the lyuminofor.Poroshochik such. Phosphor means, well, well. This is a highly technological bulk material. Immediately all be glad.

To make it possible only at the factory. And it's good, because the plant will give him the documents, e t a safety data sheet. And besides, you do not have to reinvent the wheel, trying to find in the Internet technology to produce the phosphor. Dry Harbor has similar goals. You here just do not need it. There is a finished product, here's what we will use in luminous paint. Part 2 Back to "luminous paint". Well, now let us stop it. Vobschem take phosphor paint, sleeps phosphor in the paint, mix with a mixer (you can get in the kitchen) and there it is, our long-awaited, luminescent paint.

Best Attribute

In the present-day human society sometimes you can catch up with the situation when the nuances of the exterior of the power to be almost dictate the financial success of a particular event. It might also appear at conferences, and at the conclusion of certain contracts, and in the daily life of a business entrepreneur. One of the fragments of paramount image has always been and will remain a mobile phone. Once it were cufflinks, handkerchiefs and tie clips, these days – multifunction devices, the first of which is a mobile phone. But the new development will soon become obsolete, and not significantly just to get an elegant phone, and in addition, and Phone fairly modern, with an optimum number of required capabilities. One of the numbers are so valuable for the image elements in a position to be a phone Vertu, which really can choose the most original species. At the same time traditional or custom colors provide an opportunity to not only select the best solution for every situation, but also add their own image is such a tint range, which is imagined you particularly appropriate for this situation. But mobile phones Vertu – extremely expensive, but if you want to use it primarily as an element by the image, then do not make much sense to pay for the original and for many days to wait for delivery.

So how can the much less significant money to buy Vertu copy, and enjoy all sorts of design advantages Vertu at much less a high price. When purchasing a mobile phone Vertu within two weeks, made a purchase there is an opportunity to give back the product if found revealed that he was not very good quality. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Vladislav Doronin has to say. However, this precaution is often unnecessary: the original and copies of mobile phones Vertu Vertu all available in a very substantial capacity. The unconventional design of Vertu, which is used in cellular telephones, and other multi-purpose technology, appreciate and master of design and even those who are in fact not a good judge of phones. Bright and lovely, Vertu phones can have a magical effect, allowing higher quality to use your business opportunities. If you are seeking your Vertu phone to buy a real version, should carefully consider the model that you would like to choose. As every year, Vertu offers a fresh design and development, spending a lot of money one day, you face the risk that a few months later company will offer a new model of mobile phone, which will be to your taste you do not have a lot less and you want to buy it. Buying phone Vertu, you can remain confident in the high level of quality of purchased equipment, and at the same time in so that this design solution with a guarantee you will be able to select from a single mass of other people. Save your individuality with the use of phones Vertu.